A better plugin.

I ran to my home, I arrived home very fast and I moved to my WordPress dashboard and then to Plugins->add new and I installed and activated that plugin. I thought it would be something very complex or maybe I would not understand settings in that plugin clearly. But I found it is the simplest and the most stable and advanced plugin ever. I also noticed it didn’t add any bottleneck feelings in a website at all. It meant, all those webpages were free-flowing and very live. After setting things up in the plugin’s “settings” option, I had to go to “Pagespeed insights” to see the changes. I was surprised to see the improvements in speed. In the past, I used a lot of caching plugins but this is the one can be the best until now, and amazingly stable as well. If you are an advanced user, it has an “Advanced options” on the top right of its “settings” panel which allows you to tweak further and to optimize a website perfectly and it has options more than I expected.

Oops! I forgot to tell you the name/address of this plugin? Alright, I went to “https://wordpress.org/plugins/litespeed-cache/” to get it or I went to the dashboard and then to the Plugins->add new?

Yes, things were done and I was thinking of a black tea.

Note: You will see an option “Browser cache” in the Advanced settings->Advanced. Remember to turn it off if it was turned on and keep it always off. This “Browser cache” option is seen in many caching plugins and it is really wise to turn browser caching totally off. Why? When browser caching is turned on, browsers will not check for the updates much and all those cached copies are stored locally and it would be served and when there is an update in the website (for example, there is a new post), users will not see those updates until they totally clean the cache from “all-time”. Most users don’t clean the browser cache often and this can be a problem. If you turn browser caching off in the caching plugin, you would be able to override this problem very easily.

Yes, it is time to see you happy. All the best.

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  • May 30, 2019 at 1:41 am

    You can breathe life into any topic! Bravo!


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