Customizer issue.

Suddenly, customizer in WordPress didn’t work. It was working a second ago. What is happening really? Actually, there’s nothing to worry about. If customizer is not working suddenly like that, there are two places to look at and one of them is a sure fix. Let’s see those two easy options below,

  1. I would like to logout from WordPress dashboard now, I will close all the open tabs and I will open a new empty tab in the browser and I will clear cache from all-time and I will close the browser and re-open it again. It’s time to log in to WordPress. I know customizer is working there perfectly. If this process didn’t help you, then please look at the second option below.

  2. Please deactivate all the plugins and then check if customizer is working perfectly. If it is working, then there’s a plugin that is conflicting. Please enable plugins one by one and every time you activate a plugin, you must check if customizer is working. If you see customizer is not working after activating a plugin but it was working after activating a plugin before that, then this is the plugin which you have activated just now, is causing this trouble, then please deactivate it and still it is not wise to activate all the other plugins in one time, follow this one by one step and proceed with that, because there might be another plugin that is also causing this trouble. Once you have found some bad/all good/some good, bad must be deactivated and good must be kept. Your customizer is working. 

What can I say now really! I can see it is working again and I am happy. All the best.

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