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At the tea shop this morning, the question was, “What is the best download manager for all major operating systems until now”? There are many actually and a few of them are good. For Windows, most users use IDM but IDM is not free software and in the past, for Firefox browser, “Downthemall” extension was the best of all and it supported all platforms. For Linux/Mac OS X users, it was always a problem with the download managers since there were no user-friendly download managers for Linux and for Mac OS X. Some were/are still there and they are a bit too complex and they are not always able to get download links from a click in the webpages and they cannot get links for movies/videos automatically. But those friends at the tea shop wanted something must be for free, stable, very user-friendly, truly fast, supports all major operating systems and something that is able to match IDM (All the functionalities that IDM provides). 

To get all the things they wanted in a download manager, we visited this website “” and there we all saw the “download” option at the top right and after clicking that, we got the downloader there.

So, we downloaded and installed it for Linux and for Windows both. Were there any issues or have we got all those things that we looked for in a free download manager? Our smile told everyone around clearly that it was the downloader that we looked for.

All the best and love you all.

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