Earn from Blogging.

Almost every day, I get comments from the readers, and most of them want to know if blogging is profitable or if it is possible to earn good money from it. What is the real picture actually? Many websites were/are still writing articles about blogging and to set up a blog and they show big possibilities to earn money from it. I am not telling this is not possible but how many people on earth became Bill Gates anyway, can it not be a question here? 

First of all, let’s see the sources of earning from a blog. Two fruitful ways are there actually. 

  1. Adsense.
  2. Affiliate programs.

There are a few other possibilities too and they are not generally countable.

Let’s see the expenses behind setting up a blog. First of all, if you want to earn money from blogs, it is best to go for a domain and hosting and host your blog there. This is not very expensive but still, that is the first penny that you will spend. Alright, you have got the domain and hosted your blog and now you have to spend time on writing or on adding things to your website to fill up a better content. 

Yes, you have written nice articles, you have got Adsense or maybe you have added affiliate links as well. Are you earning anything from it actually, Most of the readers/visitors use Adblock and in very rare cases someone is maybe clicking on an ad from Adsense and you have got luckily $0.2 for that click or maybe $0.10 for that click or maybe someone will buy something using that affiliate link one day and you will get maybe $5 for that. How much will you earn actually from all these? You started your blog in 2015 and at the end of 2017 you are seeing still there is less than $20. So, it says in those years, your total earning from your blog was that less than $20. If you have 20000 visitors daily and 90% of them are using Adblock, what is the picture here? Or maybe 30% or could be 10% are using Adblock and none of them are clicking on any ads or maybe it was once in a year someone used that affiliate link from your website to buy something. How much money and time you are spending on your blog and how much are you earning? No visitors actually inspire or support a blog financially in general (exceptions are there maybe) and they just come and read, get what they want and they never think the effort and cost behind that website where they came/come to read. It is a very real picture in reality. 

Now, let’s see about the time you will spend on your blog. You will write things and that takes time and the cost of electricity and for the internet, it is only you who is paying. Most of your time you will spend on optimizing your website for speed and performance and security and sometimes maybe you will need to spend a bit more to get some better plugins. Websites are very fragile honestly and security will be your second concern here since 90% of visitors are not honest visitors here. Maybe some plugins that you installed or maybe you made a change and something wrong, your site is down completely or maybe it is not performing well anymore or maybe some internal links are not accessible or maybe there are strange errors. Again, you have spent time on fixing it all. Maybe you are a developer or you are someone with a lot of knowledge in this field and you will fix it yourself but if you are not, it will cost money bringing someone to fix it for you.

Here we will see a very common picture from blogs. How many hacking attempts are there every day on your website, have you seen it? It could be from brute-force to anything. If you have a plugin that monitors those attempts, you will be surprised. How many real readers/visitors are there and how many hackers are there! Really disappointing.

If you have got malware or some backdoors or something relevant, that is a problem. Again, if you are the experienced one, you are able to fix it without any costs but if you are not, again you will call the experts to fix it for you and it costs good money.

One morning you woke up and found out that your website was hacked, and the hackers were using your website for bad purposes or maybe they were spreading malware or some malicious codes to your files and your website is blacklisted. Again, if you are not the expert, it will cost you good money to recover your hacked website. 

Things that I told above in this article are the real common pictures in reality. It is not to disappoint anyone. Honestly, no one will support your blog funding you anything or through the ads that show on your blog or through those affilicate links. Over the top, you will receive ugly comments and malicious links in the comments almost every day from weird people. It is the truth. Instead of showing dreams of making you Bill Gates with a blog/blogs, is it not right to tell you the real story? Sometimes I cannot understand why do all the bloggers write blogs/articles on their website talking about setting up blogs and earning millions from it!! Honestly, it is a very strange lie in the form of truth and efforts to prove that it is the truth.

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  • May 30, 2019 at 4:20 pm

    This is Very useful advice in this particular article! It’s the little changes that produce the most significant changes. Many thanks for sharing!


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