Enable DNSSEC.

I thought of adding extra security to a website (this method is the same for WordPress/any websites). 

It is possible for an attacker to intercept DNS queries and this could be a serious security threat. I thought of enabling DNSSEC in the cPanel to add extra security. Cloudflare provides DNSSEC as a free service, that is good too. If you are a novice as I am, it is better to do it in the cPanel with a few clicks and it is the most effective and the easiest. So, let’s have a look. 

First of all, I had to log in to cPanel and then I went to the “Domains” section. I found “Zone Editor” there and I clicked on it. It opened a page and I simply clicked on “DNSSEC”. Then it gave me an option to enable “DNSSEC” and I enabled it. It was that simple. Images below will help you to understand it clearly,

(Step-1) “Zone editor” in the cPanel. It is found in the Domains section.
(Step-2) After clicking “Zone Editor”, it opened this page and then I clicked “DNSSEC”
It is the final step and after clicking “DNSSEC”, it gave me this option to enable “DNSSEC”. I enabled it.

Note: Some cPanels might have a different name for “Zone editor”, it is available in most cPanels though, if it is missing, please contact your hosting provider.

Enabling DNSSEC is an important thing to do if you want to add extra security to your website. 

All the best.

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