From http to https.

I was stuck with http:// for a while and it was not any secure connection. I saw most sites were https:// and they were providing secure connections. It was (http://) I then decided to go to my cPanel and I went and activated SSL there and moved to and all I did with a few clicks. Today I am going to tell you what I did there in the cPanel to activate SSL. So, please stay with me and concentrate. 

I logged in to my cPanel and then I went to click “SSL/TLS” in the “Security” section in cPanel and it gave me the following options shown in the images below. Please have a look. I have added those steps for you, to make it easier. 


SSL/TLS icon in the cPanel
Option to install SSL. Please click “Manage SSL sites”.

I have clicked “Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)” option shown above and from here I will follow,


Please select your domain first. and then “browse”
After clicking “Browse”, this window appeared and now please choose a valid certificate, I chose the certificate issued by cPanel and then press “Use Certificate” button.

Note-1: Please don’t make/choose any self-signed certificate, choose the one that is issued by cPanel Inc, it comes for free and it provides stronger protection.

Note-2: If you want really strong protection with the higher level of encryption then you could buy SSL certificates from reputed companies, for example, SSL from Comodo or from Symantec. Some websites/companies offer free SSL certificates but I would never recommend them. If you are a bit advanced user and you understand the system technically well, there is a great place to look at for a free but the most reliable SSL certificate. Here you will get it -> “Let’s Encrypt” and please read the documentation they provided and guidelines to get their SSL.

Final step,

Final step and please click “Install Certificate” button to install SSL.

Done! Yes, it was that simple and things were done pretty nicely. There is a very important thing I must do now and it should be done only when SSL is activated. I have to enable HSTS now and that will assure me the maximum security. How to do that? Please see, “Enable HSTS for a website“.

Yes, finally (http://) became very instantly and you will make the same for your site too.

Have a great day.

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