Javascript Error in Cloudflare.

I was visiting those old forums this morning to see comments and writings from my old friends and from the readers there. They brought up a weird issue, they came up with too many ideas but no one talked about any stable solutions to it. They said, javascript doesn’t work well with Cloudflare, and javascript was found disabled or javascript doesn’t work at all maybe. I know most Cloudflare users are the victims of this. Actually, It is very easy to fix this issue instantly and it is the most stable solution. So, let’s fix it.

I have seen a Cloudflare option in the cPanel and I will avoid it here. Now, I would visit, “” and then I would log in to my account and I will see that my website is active there. I am seeing my dashboard and here I clicked on the “Speed” icon at the top and it showed me the page with its options, I simply went down and turned “Rocket Loader” off. I then moved to the ‘Caching” button located by the “Speed” button at the top and there I clicked on “Purge Everything”, seen in the “Caching” option. Yes, now I can see scripts are working precisely. All these things I have written here above, I will understand them better when I will look at these images below,


Here I clicked on the “” but you will click on your site here.


I clicked on the “Speed” button.


Here I turned “Rocket Loader” off.

Final Step

Finally, I clicked on the “Caching” and then I clicked on “Purge Everything”.

Note: That dashboard provides many options to work with, you could easily tweak your Cloudflare there.  

It is time to have a black tea outside somewhere and meanwhile, I want you to fix this error for your website. 

All the best.

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  • June 22, 2019 at 4:48 am

    This brings up some great ideas-however I think you are in need of detail. I would like to see you expand this, because you are a worthy writer and I enjoy reading your posts.


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