Move WordPress site to SSL.

I have talked about “From http to https” earlier and I moved to https:// and I thought it was working really good but I found an issue regarding SSL. I went to see a friend of mine and I used his computer to access and I was surprised seeing, it was not using https://, it was http:// there. It was a bit disappointing for me and then I went to see a relative of mine and I accessed the site from his computer and it was https:// there. I tried to access my site from many different computers and at some places, it was http://. Only a few places I found it was https:// working. Very bizarre!

I came back home and I installed and activated a very easy plugin from the WordPress dashboard (Plugins->add new) and with a simple click, I solved this weird problem. What did I do?

I downloaded “Really Simple SSL” plugin and activated it and immediately it showed me an option to move to SSL. I just clicked it and it was the story. I had to find different computers once again to see if that http:// thing’s still persisting or not. NO! That problem was totally gone and I got https:// and I was happy.

More than 80% of WordPress users suffer the same problem but they don’t know about it. They normally think that their site moved to https:// permanently but when their sites were accessed from different computers or locations, it was sometimes http:// and sometimes https://. Strange! This is the problem with the WordPress only. 

Note: One thing to talk about here is, please activate the SSL the way I did from cPanel (please see “From http to https“, and this is the first thing to do (It is a must) and once that is done, simply install and activate, “Really Simple SSL” and activate SSL from there. This is a very light-weight and extremely stable and reliable plugin. Once again, this part is only for the WordPress users.

It all made me happy and I want to see you happy as well. Have fun.

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