I thought of adding the Newsletter to “” many times. But, I forgot always. This morning, one of the respected readers reminded me of adding newsletter. Yes, now I must make it. But how? There are a lot of plugins that do the same thing. Which one to choose from that big list? I started to check and I have found some plugins were paid versions and most of these free versions were limited to 2000/2000+ subscribers. But I wanted something that is stable and allows unlimited subscribers and something that is simple with flexible options. 

Finally, I have got the one I was looking for. I then installed it and added it to “”. After that, I started to check this plugin thoroughly to locate if there were any side-effects, for example, if there were some poor codes or maybe if it was slowing down the website or if it was interfering other plugins or the core functionalities. I found it is really a well-coded plugin and it is very stable as well.

Why tell you about this newsletter? I thought, maybe you are trying to or you thought of adding the newsletter to your website but you are confused seeing too many plugins.

Have I told you lately that “Newsletter” was that plugin? Yes, it was that plugin.

Have I told you lately“? I was listening to “Rod Stewart’s” great “Have I told you lately” while installing this plugin. The best song ever!

All the best and love you all.

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