Didn’t know where to start and I still don’t know. I am not good at writing actually but I tried. Welcome to Novice Camp. I tried to add things that might help all of us more or less. You will have to decorate this site with useful tips and comments. I hope you will find your stay here comfortable. This site is still under construction and I will try to add new things every day. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you for visiting Novice Camp.

I apologize, I cannot afford to buy a camera to take images/photos and most images (The image above with the lantern and all featured images) are seen on this site are downloaded from the Internet (except of a few images, almost all images in the posts are screenshots from my computer/images taken using my old mobile phone). If you’ve found it not right, please forgive me.

Tips for easy navigation,

You could use “Search” on the right, to search for anything quick on this site. Please choose “Categories and Tags” on the right to see posts from a selected category/tag.

There are more categories but I thought of keeping only a few categories displaying images on the homepage, it is because I wanted to keep the page short and it is for easier navigation. On the right, please see the “Categories” and there you will find all categories that aren’t displayed on the homepage. You could click  (any similar colored boxes) on the main/homepage/anywhere to get direct access to that category. For example,  will direct you to the category “Software”.

On the “Contents” menu on top, you will find all the posts by their categories and this you will find on the right sidebar as well and “Home” brings you to the main/homepage. All recent posts are seen on the right sidebar as well. You will find most of these options above the footer as well.

You could easily post here about anything. Simply write it in the comment box/create your post (Seen on the top bar menu posts->create your post) and post the comment or you could email it at, (novicecamp[at]gmail[dot]com). If you want to add a featured photo for your post, please attach it along with the email.

You could easily ask any questions, simply write it in any comment box seen at the bottom of any posts or you could email us at the address provided above.

Please leave a reply with suggestions and things that you want on this site.