Plugin errors.

What if I am not able to login to WordPress or I cannot access my dashboard anymore or whenever I try to access my website or I try to access WordPress dashboard, I get “error 500” or something similar? After doing something with a plugin, I am getting this error. I installed a plugin maybe or maybe I made some changes to a/some plugins and after that, I am seeing this error and now I am not able to access to the dashboard to fix it. What can help me out of it now? Alright, first of all, I will go to the “file manager” in the cPanel and then I would go to the “public_html/wp-content/plugins” folder (Here I can see all those installed plugins) and do I remember that plugin which was causing this issue? I would simply delete that plugin here or if I really need that plugin and I don’t have a backup of it or maybe it is a rare plugin and it was working well before, I would first .zip it there, then I would download it to the hard drive and after that, I would delete that plugin (not the .zipped one) from “public_html/wp-content/plugins” folder. What if I made a lot of changes in many plugins and after that, I am getting this error in a different way, and this error is not constant here, no one knows when it comes and goes and I can see my website/dashboard is working well, all of a sudden there comes this error? I would simply rename this, “public_html/wp-content/plugins” to “public_html/wp-content/plugins_old” (it means I would rename this “plugins” folder in the “public_html/wp-content/” folder) and after that, I would create an empty folder in the “public_html/wp-content/” and I would name it “plugins”. Things are done maybe.

Yes, I can log in to the WordPress dashboard now, here I have got two choices, either I would fresh install all those plugins again or I would bring those old installed plugins back again and I would fix them activating one by one (I would never activate them all in one time because I am troubleshooting now). If this is the second choice where I would bring back all old plugins which are already installed, then I would go to the “public_html/wp-content” and there I would first delete that “plugins” folder and I would rename that “plugins_old” to “plugins” and it is where all the installed plugins are. 

I can see all the installed plugins in the WordPress dashboard now and they are not active. I would activate them one by one to detect which is the one that is creating this issue. I have found the problematic one and after activating it, I am locked out again with the “error 500” or something similar. I would follow the process above and I would delete that faulty plugin from “public_html/wp-content/plugins” (from cPanel) and I am able to access my dashboard again. 

Good luck and crossing my fingers for your success in it.

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