sslverify = false?

Normally, this is an undetectable error. This setting to “false” creates a lot of hidden troubles in WordPress/a website created with WordPress. Some developers set this to “false” in their plugins and normally it must be set to “true”. Most users don’t know whether this is set to true or it is set to false. We must set it to “true” in all conditions.

To do that, we will simply add these following lines at the bottom of the “functions.php” file and this would solve the problem instantly.

Here are the lines which you would add to the “functions.php” file.

add_filter( 'https_ssl_verify', '__return_true', PHP_INT_MAX );

add_filter( 'http_request_args', 'http_request_force_ssl_verify', PHP_INT_MAX );

function http_request_force_ssl_verify( $args ) {

$args['sslverify'] = true;

return $args;

I guess this would help you all. All the best and love you all.

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